Saturday, March 5, 2011

Productive Bullshitting

While I was editing pictures from my trip to Canada (It's a country and not a state), the phrase "Productive Bullshitting" came to mind. What is this? I have no time to create a definition but here is a quick example: I was editing a video for a class but didn't render it because I decided to edit pictures. I do not have a video to show but I do have a picture from the Skylon. Dig it?!

How many of you are Productive Bullshitters? Best places to practice this habit?


saúl said...

Mister Moya!
yo como que le voy dar un refresh a esto de los blogs, me estas animando con el tuyo :)

like they say: "I put the pro in procrastination", bests place ever: the comfyness of your bed

santa lily said...
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